Sr. No. Application Process
1 Submission on of application on prescribed form
2 Scrutiny of documents by DTS
3 Character verification
4 Inspection of premises by DTS
5 Issuance of demand note for registration / license fee and bank guarantee or defer application to fulfill requirements
6 Issuance of license


Note: Application forms are available in the download section on main page.



Documents Required:

Sr. No. Requirement
1 A Bank Certificate showing a Capital of not less than rupees  Four lakh.
2 A statement showing assets and liabilities duly certified by an appropriate authority.
3 An attested copy of National Tax Registration Number.
4 Attested copies of lease/rent agreement /proof of the ownership of the premises.
5 In case of Partnership Firm, attested copies of Registration Certificate and Partnership Deed duly certified by the Registrar of Firms.
6 In case of Limited Company, attested copies of Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Form-A and Form-29 duly certified by the Registrar of Companies.
7 Office Plan indicating the space, various counters, show windows etc.
8 A list of staff showing designation of each person along with attested copies of their NICs, qualification, training and experience certificates. 
9 Attested copies of National Identity Card of the Proprietor/Partners/Directors/Chief Executive/Manager